School Board

2023 Board Members

Chair – Bec Nott
Principal – James Wren
Executive Officio – 
Secretary – Harry Harch
Parish Representative – Veronica White
Staff Representative – Kylie Williams
Parents – Lucille Acton, Beth King, Laura North.

The educational mission of the Church is the responsibility of the entire Catholic community.  This means that, more than ever before, parents should be involved in making decisions about the school's direction and its values and principles.

School and College Boards in the Diocese of Toowoomba are constituted to enable these collaborative practices to be employed:

  • the ongoing development of the Catholic ethos of the school, which means promoting the school as a center of evangelisation (in partnership, where appropriate, with the Parish or other Church agencies) in fidelity to the teachings of the Church, diocesan authority, and the unique spirituality that animates the school community;
  • being consulted in relation to the appointment of a principal by the founding authority; supporting staff, especially the principal, who will have the day-to-day responsibility for maintaining and promoting the Catholic ethos of the school;
  • exercising general oversight of the curriculum, but in accordance with any relevant requirements of Government and Catholic education authorities, and without trespassing upon areas of professional educational judgment;
  • overseeing the prudent financial management of the school, particularly with a view to ensuring access to quality education for future generations, and including planning for the provision of future facilities;
  • seeking to ensure that the school fulfills its potential as an option for the disadvantaged, including the poor;
  • providing advice to the principal on any matters referred to it by the principal;
  • developing policies on matters referred to it by the principal or by responsible Catholic education authorities; and
  • facilitating the induction and preparation of board members, including ensuring that members understand the scope and extent of their roles.

Members of the school board do not represent the groups from which they are drawn nor are they involved in issues relating to the day-to-day running of the school. This is the Principal’s role and all such queries should be directed to him/her.  Board members are individuals with a special responsibility as part of a team to develop and maintain the overall character and direction of the School through policy making.

The School Board meets monthly on Mondays at 5.15 pm in the school library.