Parking & Transport



When dropping off or collecting your child there are two areas where cars are permitted to be parked.

  1. In Alfred St, adjacent to the back oval. Parking in the bus zone outside the brick building endangers the lives of children and is strictly disallowed.
  2. In Balonne St, in the marked ANGLE parking only, area.

The areas directly outside the school office and library resource centre are NOT parking areas. To use these areas, you are asked to stop your car, drop off or collect your children, within 2 minutes, then move on. Across the road, directly opposite the office, same rule applies except the time frame for drop off and pick up is 15 minutes. If your children aren't ready to be collected, you are asked to drive off, circle the block and return. DO NOT sit and wait or park and leave your car. This can endanger the safety of children who then need to walk between cars to get to other parents wanting to collect or drop off their children.


St Patrick's is serviced by several different bus routes. Please contact the school for further information regarding these routes.

Various allowances are available from the State Government for transportation of children. Please check with Queensland Transport for entitlements.

Where parents must pay large sums for bus transport, they may be eligible for a rebate from the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. Direct line applications for the Bus Fare Assistance Program and the Students with Disabilities Scheme can be accessed via the following website: Further enquiries to 3336 9192 or

Student travel rebate applications are only open in May for Semester 1 and October for Semester 2


Parents are reminded that if children have to cross Balonne or Alfred Streets, they should use the supervised crossing provided for their safety.


Bicycles and scooters can be efficient modes of transport. Your child should wear appropriate protective equipment when riding and be adequately prepared for riding in traffic. Parents would be aware that children under the age of 10 years, generally have not developed the necessary awareness and skills needed to ensure their safety. Students must wheel their bicycles and scooters along the footpaths adjacent to the school and within the school grounds.