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15th October
Fete Meeting 5.15pm
in Parish Hall

16th October

P&F Meeting 5.15pm
St John's Roma visiting
Prayer Assembly Prep Debbie @ 2.20pm

20th October
Pupil Free Day

21st October
Science Presentation - Peter Eastwell
Transition Afternoon Year 6 to 7

22nd October
Transition Afternoon Year 7 to 8

23rd October
Public Speaking Competition 11.30am

24th October
Prayer Assembly Prep Collett @ 2.20pm

27th October
Years 3-7 Swim Block

28th October
Transition Afternoon Year 6 to 7



Fridays 2.30pm

P&F Meetings
1st Thursday of each month
5.15pm in Resource Centre


Sunday 19th October
8.30am St Patrick's Church

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Welcome to our website.....

St Patrick’s is the Catholic Primary School of St Patrick’s Parish in St George and is part of the Catholic Education family in the Diocese of Toowoomba.  Our school exists not to be different but to make a difference and to present a vision of reality that has its origins in the gospel of Jesus.  Some of the most important characteristics of a Catholic School are listed below:

  • The Catholic School is a faith community.  It is a place where God is named and recognised and where gospel values are reflected.
  • It is  focused towards evangelisation.  By the example of community members, students see how faith and contemporary life can be integrated.
  • It is oriented towards total development of the individual – spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual.
  • It enhances the dignity of each person.
  • It has a special orientation towards the marginalised.
  • Catholic Education Office Toowoomba
    Catholic Education Office
    It values openness and seeks truth.
  • It is characterised by hopefulness.

When enrolling students at St Patrick’s, I  believe that  I am enrolling not only the child/ren but the whole family.  To achieve the best educational outcomes for a child, positive and close partnerships must be formed between school and home.  We recognise that parents are the first educators and it is our role to support and enhance this education.  We are very proud of our students and it is our hope that whatever they do in life, they will be able to recall the values we hold true here at St Patrick’s, to help  them along life’s journey.

Lesley Jarrett ~ Principal

Cick here for information about enrolmentsCommunity News       Please click here to download the latest newsletter.

The 2014 Year 6/7 School Camp has been hailed as one of the best ever! 35 students, accompanied by Mrs Morris, Mrs Worboys, Mrs Whitaker and Mr Sevil, participated in many educational activities at venues such as Parliament House, The Electoral Commission and National Capital Exhibition. During their visit to Government House they unexpectedly met with the Governor General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) on one of his rare days at home! Of course it was not all about the curriculum… there were many elements of the 'hidden curriculum' covered including getting along with people, team work and experiencing all things new!
This trip was made possible through the outstanding and consistent fundraising efforts of the 6/7 Parents, St Patrick's School Parents and Friends, local service clubs, the Balonne Shire Council and Rural and Remote Education Access Program and the staff. Thank you!

Each Monday afternoon a group of students gathers in the Library for an hour of enrichment activities. During this time, I have worked with them on problem solving activities and they have participated in group learning activities, explored children's literature and most recently have been engaged in building models using visual directions provided in construction materials purchased for the school by the Parents and Friend's Association. When completed these models can be ridden on by the students themselves and will be on display in the school Library. Here is a sneak peak of the progress…

When this project is completed, the students will work with Miss Kate Condon in the development of a set of digital story books. This involves learning a new range of skills for some and for others putting in to practice skills learnt through participation in Kids Connect.

Each Wednesday lunch time a large group of students (mostly girls) rehearse as our school choir under the direction of Mrs Christina Wardle, Mrs Margie Shellshear and Miss Rebecca Beattie. I overheard their rehearsal last week – they were in fine voice after two weeks holiday.

On Thursday 23rd October our Annual Public Speaking Competition for students in Years 5, 6& 7 is scheduled. I have been amazed at the quality of speeches and the confidence of the speakers over the past two years. You are very welcome to come along to this event in the Multi Purpose Centre at 11:30 on Thursday 23rd October.

Activities such as choir, public speaking and school camp, do not happen without the commitment and generosity of time and spirit of St Patrick's Staff. Your children are in very good hands!

Enrolment applications for all year levels, especially Prep are now being taken. A child who will be five years of age by June 30 2015, is eligible for enrolment. I would really appreciate bringing this to the attention of your families. A clear indication of enrolment numbers at this stage of the year, allows us to better prepare for the following year. Interviews will occur in the next couple of weeks for new enrolments.


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