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Important Dates
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23rd-24th February
Balonne Netball & Rugby League

27th February
SW Swimming
2.30pm Year 4S Assembly

6th March
9am Whole School Mass
2.30pm Year 3M Assembly

7th March
8.30am Children's Mass Years 4-6

12th March
Balonne Touch

13th March
2.30pm Year 1/2D Assembly

16th-17th March
Sr Di Phillips - visit to classrooms

17th March
St Patrick's Day

20th March
2.30pm Year 1B Assembly

23rd-25th March
State Swimming

27th March
School Photos
2.30pm 2J Assembly

28th-29th March
NRL Education Week
ARL Development Cup

31st March
Palm Sunday - PD

1st April
Last Supper - SW

2nd April
Crucifixion - 6C
Last Day of Term 1

3rd April
Good Friday

4th April
Easter Saturday

5th April
Easter Sundday

29th July
Bishop's Inservice Day
(Pupil Free Day)

2nd to 8th August
Year 6 Camp

19th October

Pupil Free Day

7th November

St Patrick's Parish Fete

6th December

Year 6 Graduation Night



Fridays 2.30pm

P&F Meetings
1st Thursday of each month
5.15pm in Resource Centre


Sunday 22nd February
6pm St Patrick's Church

Saturday 28th February
6pm St Patrick's Church

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Welcome to our website.....

St Patrick’s is the Catholic Primary School of St Patrick’s Parish in St George and is part of the Catholic Education family in the Diocese of Toowoomba.  Our school exists not to be different but to make a difference and to present a vision of reality that has its origins in the gospel of Jesus.  Some of the most important characteristics of a Catholic School are listed below:

  • The Catholic School is a faith community.  It is a place where God is named and recognised and where gospel values are reflected.
  • It is  focused towards evangelisation.  By the example of community members, students see how faith and contemporary life can be integrated.
  • It is oriented towards total development of the individual – spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual.
  • It enhances the dignity of each person.
  • It has a special orientation towards the marginalised.
  • Catholic Education Office Toowoomba
    Catholic Education Office
    It values openness and seeks truth.
  • It is characterised by hopefulness.

When enrolling students at St Patrick’s, I  believe that  I am enrolling not only the child/ren but the whole family.  To achieve the best educational outcomes for a child, positive and close partnerships must be formed between school and home.  We recognise that parents are the first educators and it is our role to support and enhance this education.  We are very proud of our students and it is our hope that whatever they do in life, they will be able to recall the values we hold true here at St Patrick’s, to help  them along life’s journey.

Lesley Jarrett ~ Principal

Community News      

Farewell Fr MichaelFAREWELL
It is with sadness, that we shortly bid farewell to Father Michael O’Brien. Father Michael, along with Sr Rosie, has been an integral part of our school community over the past four years assisting us with the spiritual and faith development of our community. Father Michael became the Priest Director of our Parish at a time when there was a shortage of priests. This added to the travel and time commitments of the large St Mary’s Parish in Goondiwindi. Our communities have been blessed by having Father Michael minister to us in his own unique style through his participation in games of handball, organising competitive running races with Rosie, his friendship and most importantly, leading us in very creative, meaningful and child friendly liturgy. Thank you so much Father Michael!Farewell Fr Michael & Sr Rosie

All families are invited to join us in farewelling Father Michael and welcoming our new Parish Priest, Fr Adam Woch at a celebratory Mass on Thursday 26 February at 9:00 am.

St Patrick’s has registered for the Chronicle’s $5000 classroom makeover. Imagine what we could do with $5000. Tokens appear in each addition of the chronicle from Saturday 14th February to Monday 16th of March. Tokens can be delivered to Mrs Shellshear or placed in the box in the office. Please ask around, friends and family, to see how many we can collect.

Thank you for those parents who have contacted me regarding audio books, and accessing these through Rural Queensland Libraries for FREE! If you would like more information please email Jennifer.street@twb.catholic.edu.au or call the school 4625 3058.

Remember that while this is a wonderful resource to access, it is not meant to replace reading aloud to your children and the special bond that it brings to your relationship and how it is priceless in the development of our
children becoming confident, independent readers! I have included here a link to Mem Fox’s website. She talks
though a read-aloud-lesson and it is well worth listening to. http://memfox.com/for-anyone-interested/ for-anyone-interested-a-read-aloud-lesson/ There are also some wonderful read-alouds to enjoy of Mem reading 3 of her books. http://memfox.com/for-everyone-current-read-alouds/

When you read this I will have spent a day in Toowoomba at a Learning Support Orientation day. Some of the topics we will be looking at are:
• Causes of Literacy Failure
• Supporting students with disabilities
• Supporting teachers effectively
• The Student Support team meeting
• Assessment and data gathering
I am looking forward to sharpening my skills and sharing information with staff and with parents through the newsletter.
Jennifer Street


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