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Important Dates
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25th - 28th July
State Soccer

26th July

27th July
Catholic Education Week Liturgy

28th July

ICAS English

29th July
Bishop's Inservice Day
(Pupil Free Day)

31st July
Assembly Year 4S
SW Rugby League

2nd to 8th August
Year 6 Camp

4th to 6th August

6th to 9th August
State Tennis

7th August
Assembly Year 2J
Mary MacKillop Mass

8th August

10th August
Show Holiday

11th August
ICAS Mathematics

13th to 16th August
State Touch Football

14th August
Assembly Year 3W

18th August
Balonne Athletics

21st August
Assembly 3M

24th-28th August
Book Week

25th August
Balonne Cricket

27th & 28th August
South West Athletics

28th August
Assembly Year 1/2D

1st September
Spring Mass

4th September
Footy Colours Day
Assembly Year 5W

10th - 12th September
State Softball

18th September
End of Term 3

5th October
Labour Day Holiday

6th October
Term 4 begins

19th October
Pupil Free Day

7th November

St Patrick's Parish Fete

2nd December

Year 6C Graduation Night



Fridays 2.30pm

P&F Meetings
1st Thursday of each month
5.15pm in Resource Centre


Sunday 26th July 8.30am St George
Sunday 26th July 11.30am Bollon
Monday 27th July 9.00am
(Catholic Education Week Liturgy)
Friday 7th August 9.00am (Mary MacKillop Feast Day School Mass)
Saturday 8th August 6.00pm St George
Sunday 30th August 8.30am St George
1st September 9.00am Spring Mass


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Welcome to our website.....

St Patrick’s is the Catholic Primary School of St Patrick’s Parish in St George and is part of the Catholic Education family in the Diocese of Toowoomba.  Our school exists not to be different but to make a difference and to present a vision of reality that has its origins in the gospel of Jesus.  Some of the most important characteristics of a Catholic School are listed below:

  • The Catholic School is a faith community.  It is a place where God is named and recognised and where gospel values are reflected.
  • It is  focused towards evangelisation.  By the example of community members, students see how faith and contemporary life can be integrated.
  • It is oriented towards total development of the individual – spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual.
  • It enhances the dignity of each person.
  • It has a special orientation towards the marginalised.
  • Catholic Education Office Toowoomba
    Catholic Education Office
    It values openness and seeks truth.
  • It is characterised by hopefulness.

When enrolling students at St Patrick’s, I  believe that  I am enrolling not only the child/ren but the whole family.  To achieve the best educational outcomes for a child, positive and close partnerships must be formed between school and home.  We recognise that parents are the first educators and it is our role to support and enhance this education.  We are very proud of our students and it is our hope that whatever they do in life, they will be able to recall the values we hold true here at St Patrick’s, to help  them along life’s journey.

Lesley Jarrett ~ Principal

Community News      

Congratulations to students in 4S who performed at the Yellow Belly Country Music Festival last Friday. The performance of a Banjo Paterson’s A Bush Christening was appreciated by one and all. A few brave students who are preparing to compete in verse speaking at the Goondiwindi Eisteddfod also performed and received many accolades. Thank you to parents who assisted with transport to and from the venue and of course to Mrs Shellshear and Mrs Davidson.

2016 Prep Enrolments are now being accepted. Interviews to be held between 3rd – 5th August 2015. Please get your Prep enrolments into St Pat’s Office ASAP.

NAIDOC Week Celebrations
Year Two would like to say a big thank you to Miss Weatherall for teaching us some really fun traditional games last week. We are very lucky that we still don’t have to hunt for our food as we think a few of us may have gone hungry! We all enjoyed some delicious cake on Friday also.

Year 2J
Welcome back for another fantastic term full of fun, making new
friends and of course lots of learning. Christmas will be here in
no time!

Enrol now for Prep 2016English
This Term Year Two are studying procedures within English. We are currently reading a very hilarious novel called ‘George's Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. George's Grandma is a grizzly, grumpy, selfish old woman with pale brown teeth and a small puckered up mouth like a dog's bottom. It’s so nice to hear the fits of laughter, giggles and cheer come out of the class’s mouths during reading. I think it proves just how much the class is enjoying our unit so far. Please ask your child to provide a recount of the story so far. They just may have you in stitches of laughter also.

Science - Toy Factory
In this science unit students are learning that pushes and pulls affect how an object moves or changes shape. The context of a toy factory, will involve the class making toys to present to prep. I hope this unit excites and engages students by making connections with what they already know while providing extensive opportunities to develop science knowledge and achieve the intended learning.

Last week was a very exciting week for the Preps and Year 1/ 2 class as we got to pick and taste our first lot of produce. The snow peas and lettuce went down a treat but the jury is still out for some children as far as the radishes were concerned. It is a wonderful experience to be a part of the whole gardening experiences the next venture is planting our turnips out and investigating the introduction of a chook yard for the school! Happy gardening everyone!


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